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MedTech Chats: Changes in the New EU Medical Device Regulation

Interview about the new EU Medical Device Regulation that brings changes for the medical device startups and medical device companies that are planning to sell their products in Europe.

MedTech Chats: Changes in the New EU Medical Device Regulation

Igor Rogelj from ArrowFast speaks to Rok Hrovatin, Chief Compliance Officer at ArrowFast, about the new medical device regulation that is being introduced in the EU in May 2021.

We invite you to listen to the interview, and find the answers to questions such as;

  • What are the main challenges the medical device industry is facing with the introduction of the new medical device regulations?
  • What are the main changes in the new European Medical Device Regulation?
  • How is medical devices classification different from what we are used to from MDD?
  • When we look at the classification being different, does that mean that pretty much every medical device will need to go through reclassification?
and much more...We invite you to press play below.

If you are more a reading & writing learner, you can also read the whole interview here.


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